Survivalon Jackets Are Great for a Range of Temperatures

Survivalon Jackets Are Great for a Range of Temperatures

4th Nov 2015

Survivalon Jackets Are Great for a Range of Temperatures

Just because you want to protect yourself from the elements, doesn't mean you need to be uncomfortable! That's the basic concept surrounding Survivalon's unique climate control feature. With a Survivalon jacket, you always know how to dress for the weather. So, no matter what Mother Nature has up her sleeve, you'll always feel comfortable in our jackets.

You see, Survivalon jackets and vests are designed to work as a protective shell, making them easy to layer under for the perfect combination of protection, and climate comfort. Whether you are wearing one of our top-quality vests, or a fully-lined jacket, you'll know what to wear underneath so you stay comfortable in all conditions.

Original Model Lined Jacket 

Our Original Model Lined Jacket  keeps you cool and dry from spring to fall. You can wear the jacket itself with no under-layers in weather from about 60 degrees to about 40 degrees. Layer up with a medium-weight cotton sweater and stay comfortable when the weather dips below 50 and down to 35 degrees. Or, you can add a heavier wool sweater and stay warm when temperatures drop below 30 degrees. Add a down under-layer and you'll stay warm in temperatures ranging from 40 to 25 degrees. That's a big range of weather for a water resistant jacket that still provides excellent protection against wind or driving rain. That's why this is one of the better travel jacket options available on the market today. 

Original Model Lined Jackets Climate Range Scale

KNOX Model Lined Jacket 

The KNOX Model Lined Jacket  is another of our top-quality water resistant jacket models, made with tightly-woven cotton treated with silicon to be more water repellent. This modern travel jacket is comfortable in temperatures from 65 degrees to 45 degrees, or add a sweater and stay warm from 55 degrees to 40 degrees. With a warmer wool sweater, you'll stay comfortable in temperatures down to 30 degrees, and with a down under-layer you can feel cozy all the way down to 25 degrees. This jacket also provides a modern style that stays cool in all types of social climates, from work to play.  

Knox Model Lined Jackets Climate Range Scale

KNOX Model Lined Vests 

If you are traveling to warmer climates, or looking for a warm-weather option this spring or fall, try the Know Model Lined Vests. They are perfect in temperatures hovering around the 60s. With its unique design, you won't have to change your jacket to stay comfortable when the weather rises above 65 degrees, and then dips below 50 degrees, as it often does  during most spring and fall days. When weather turns colder, you can layer up with a cotton sweater and remain comfortable in temperature ranges from 55 to 35 degrees. With a heavier wool sweater, you will stay warm in weather down to 30 degrees. During cold snaps, throw on a heavier down or fleece liner and keep comfortable when the weather dips under 30 degrees. 

All Survivalon jackets have a tight cotton weave to block wind, plus they are treated to repel water. Highly durable, they offer the most flexible protection a modern jacket can offer. Visit our online store to find one that's right for you.

Knox Model Lined Vests Climate Range Scale

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