Why all the pockets? They are part of the "survival" architecture needed to carry the must-have devices of today's world.


  • Water repellent phone pocket
  • Water repellent tablet/mobile device pocket
  • Zip-closure deep document pocket (deep doc poc) for cash, wallet, passport, boarding pass, charging cords, a great bourbon(!), legal papers, the little black book/poker dates…very secure and private


  • Double entry front flap pockets keep keys, change and metro cards at easy access; They are also perfect for chargers and hot spot devices
  • Horizontal pocket for sunglasses is an obvious but you could put other things in there…cigars & accessories, a nail file, meds, your "return me home" if I get lost letter. The possibilities are endless!

All of these pockets are customizable for your daily adventure. Fly fishing, gentlemen?

What if I don't want/like hoods? I don't always need a hood, you know.
The hood is a tuck-away, snap-down hood that produces a brilliant and substantial stand up collar. The hood is out of sight when you don’t need it, and there when you do. If you the prefer the rugged look, let it hang loose, wear, and weather. Hoods are lined in all lined models, and are contrast colors in all unlined models.

Where is it made?
We get this a lot! It’s made in the USA of some imported materials and many USA-made components. This allows us to stock jackets and vests, so they are there for your "survival" needs and adventures.

How long will my jacket last?
We don't really know. The jackets of the same construction and comparable components as our jackets produced 40 years ago, and those are still in shape (the owners are, mmm, not…they claim the jacket got smaller…). They are indestructible and become one of your best your dog. We've heard that families share them! Your jacket may indeed last forever, but you may need more than one color and a size adjustment now and then (surely through no fault of your own).

The front zipper appears to be substantial.
Yes it is. It will take years of use. It is a 2-way zipper up and down and provides a ton of adjustment.

What is it made of? Nice stuff, I hope?
Absolutely! This jacket is made of the finest materials available. The outer shell and interior shell are both made of 100% tightly woven cotton poplin. The current design preserves all of the important original points that made it a classic back in 1975 while adding many new design features, including:

  • Tailored pockets to accommodate current devices including: iPhones and iPads.
  • Extra length so that the jacket may be worn over a sport jacket, accomodating today's multi-tasking lifestyle.
  • A relaxed fit with a reshaped and resized hood for easy and comfortable roll away.
  • Shell fabric reproduced in the original tightly woven all cotton, originally designed for the RAF during WWII.
  • When wearing the jacket it should be thought of as you would a pair of jeans. With normal wear, the all-cotton shell and canvas liner will take on a worn-in patina that can only be achieved with natural fibers.

How do I care for my Survivalon® jacket/vest:
Great care has gone into the design and manufacture of this garment and should be matched by care in use to provide outstanding longevity and performance. The jacket is made of a high quality cotton poplin and will give the wearer outstanding protection from rain and wind. The special proofing qualities have evolved based on scientific research. Please note the following information and recommendations:

  • The garment should be hung to dry, preferably in warm air
  • Do not let the garment become contaminated by fat, grease, or soap, as these can reduce or destroy the water-repellent nature.
  • After dry cleaning, the jacket should be re-proofed with a spirit or aqueous emulsion proofing (e.g. Nikwax)
  • Exposure to rain or clean water will not impair the jacket's utility
  • Normal wear and tear will bring out the natural beauty of the fibers, similar to a pair of jeans.
  • The jacket's careful cleaning and re-proofing as indicated will continue to provide excellent protection for a long time.

Survival is Not Just the Outdoors…Your Survivalon® Jacket in Your Every Day World:
Let's take travel:
Step 1: Load all your stuff in the pockets... Step 2: Drop in plastic tray... Step 3: Send thru X-ray... Step 4: Get on plane... have a nice trip.

Let's go to work:
Step 1: Get in car, throw in back and drive carefully (do not text while driving). Taking a train to work? Step 1: Drive (or tell your driver) to drive safely... Step 2: Board train... Step 3: Toss jacket in overhead bin (OK to text while on train)... Step 4: Remember to get jacket from bin and go to your meeting...

What is it made of?
Let's start with the big stuff:
The shell fabric is the rebirth of a tightly woven, highly windproof all-cotton poplin which is specially coated with silicone. Your Survivalon® keeps breathing, preventing sweat buildup on the inside while resisting rain, wind and salt spray (not for use in hurricanes). Originally designed during WWII for flight suits, saving pilots from hyperthermia and raising the survival rates from 20% to 80%. Finding this back in 1975 was no easy endeavor. Weaving it again and updating with silicone takes a special skill.

The parts holding everything together and in place:
Solid brass snaps nickel-coated or black anodized for tarnish prevention will not rust or corrode and will last for many, many years. The elastic draw cords with nylon cord locks that have stainless steel springs are military spec. Back in 1975, Velcro was used only in hospital applications where quick and easy closure was important. We thought you deserved that on your jacket as well. The granddaddy of zippers, the YKK #10, is used for our Survivalon® as well. Back in 1975 they were only used for tents, but are now a mainstay and used for tons of applications. This zipper wears in for comfort, as does the Velcro over time; both will last for many years to come. We examined the jackets thoroughly, looking for places to "fix" them, only to find that every pocket, zipper, snap are just enough without ‘gilding the Lily’, as it were.


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