Survivalon Jackets and Vests Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Survivalon Jackets and Vests Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

2nd Dec 2015

Survivalon® Jackets and Vests Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Holiday shopping is a challenge that many of us dread. Do yourself and those on your gift list an enormous favor this holiday season by buying them a stylish, high-quality Survivalon® jacket or vest this holiday season. Our products are on-trend and, perhaps most importantly, they are made to last. They make the perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays or any other special event.

Unique Jacket and Vest Design

Take a look at our collection of jackets and vests and your jaw will drop when you see just how many pockets there are. We've gone to great lengths to design our gear with survival architecture in mind. The average person needs plenty of pockets for his stuff, whether it's a cellphone, flashlight, wallet or whatever you need while your commuting to work or out on a hike.

If you happen to get wet, don't worry. Your phone and other gadgets will still be dry as our cellphone pockets are water repellent. There is also a water repellent pocket for larger mobile devices like tablets as well. The pockets don't stop there. We've even included a zip-closure deep pocket for documents like boarding passes, passports, wallets, charging cords and so on. After all, who doesn't love extra pockets?

Take a look at the outside of our jackets and you'll find even more to love. The exterior of each water resistant jacket features double entry style flat pockets in the front for keys, loose change, chargers and other items. You'll also find a horizontal pocket for your sunglasses or any other items that your gift recipient would like to have on hand.

Aside from the numerous pockets, Survivalon® jackets also feature convenient hoods that can be snapped down or tucked away depending on the weather and your gift recipient's personal preferences. If your gift recipient prefers a rugged look, he or she can let the hood hang freely at all times. If they prefer a more formal look, they can tuck the hood away so no one can see it. This is the type of flexibility that you just don't find with other outdoor gear.

Our Jackets are Fashionable and Durable

A Gift You Can Feel Good About Buying

While most consumer products are made in China or another place outside of the United States, Survivalon® jackets and vests are made right here in the United States. That's something you can feel good about. 

Think about the last vest or travel jacket you bought for yourself or a loved one. It probably didn't last more than a few years. This is not the case with Survivalon® products. We have invested years of hard work researching how to make the best jackets and vests that look and feel good for longer. The colors do not fade nor does the material wear and tear like those used by our competitors. So pick out a stylish Survivalon® windproof jacket or vest, wrap it up for your family member or friend and watch the smile form on his or her face as the wrapping paper falls off. Visit our website or one of our retail locations to see for yourself what makes Survivalon® jackets the perfect gift. 

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