Layer Up to Stay Warm While Traveling in the Winter

Layer Up to Stay Warm While Traveling in the Winter

30th Dec 2015

Layer Up to Stay Warm While Traveling in the Winter

The weather is getting colder outside. If you find yourself shivering more than you'd like, we suggest taking an inventory of your winter wear. What are you relying on to keep yourself warm? If the answer is a sweater and a medium-weight jacket, we're here to tell you that you're doing it wrong. 

Staying warm in the freezing temperatures that define winter requires layering up! If you're a layering novice, just follow these tips and you'll be toasty warm all winter long. 

Layer One: Wicking 

If your base layer can't stand up to winter, it won't matter how many more you add. You'll still be cold. You'll want something that insulates your body by trapping heat and has a wicking material to draw moisture away from your skin. So if you're out for a morning hike or hitting the slopes, the material should absorb any sweat, keeping you dry and warm. Pro tip: Never use cotton as a base layer. Cotton traps moisture, displacing the warm, dry air that you need next to your skin. 

Layer Two: Fleece or Wool 

Your second layer should be a little heavier than your base. The goal here is to provide your body with some insulation by trapping warm air around your body. That being said, make sure your second layer choices are fitted. If they're too loose they'll just end up letting all the warm air escape, which is exactly what you don't want. A mid-weight fleece, polyester or wool material are your best options here. 

A Mid-Weight Fleece, Polyester or Wool Materials is Great for Your Second Layer

Layer Three: Fleece or Soft Shell

Your third layer should be your thickest, warmest layer. You should consider the temperature, weight, style and purpose of the piece you choose for this level. A heavy fleece or soft-shell jacket should do the trick. 

Layer Four: Windproof Hard Shell 

Here's where your trusty Survivalon┬« jacket comes in. If you need further protection from the wind and snow, you'll want a heavy-duty jacket. That's not to say our jackets are heavy, they're actually light. But they are jam packed with features that make them capable of standing up to those windy and snowy days. All of our jackets are water-repellent and windproof, providing you the best protection from the elements. Plus, they have an array of pockets and other little details that make them a great choice for your winter traveling needs. 

Don't believe us? Try one on for yourself! Our jackets are available from our website, select retailers, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom stores. You can learn more about our products on our website and get answers to frequently asked questions about our materials.

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