I am in the swamps in FL at the moment! Pig Hunting. Will also send address as I am in central FL hunting. Will also need overnight if possible. Have my Survivalon jacket with me - glad to do an endorsement and tell Bert how much I love it. (last count I own 52 jackets!) 
I LOVE MY SURVIVALON!!   I’m wearing it today in the rain/snow, and it is the perfect coat for Iowa weather.  The nice thing is that when I change into jeans, I can continue wearing it.
You have a home run on this coat.
Your coats are extraordinary. Stepped up and got a nice Yellow coat for summer - everyone loves the color and just bought a black one for Fall.. Love the coats better than the Rainforest coats I own. 
Bert is a master of design ...his products are very unique
Jim Knight'
Wow! What a great jacket! Not only does it look good (people constantly ask me about it), but it is extremely functional! In the last 3 days have worn it while walking several miles in 30 degree weather, with 20 MPH winds and it was great – glad I had on the longer style and very happy for the hood! Also, wore it in driving rain today, while the temperature hovered between 35-40 degrees – kept me dry and warm, with only a light sweater and sport shirt underneath. I have found the pockets to be very useful – the bigger inside pocket is big enough for gloves and a hat, the smaller one kept my wallet and phone dry and the outside one was also great for my phone when walking in strong wind, as there was no need to open the jacket to get to the phone. Also, love the full Velcro on the front – makes it very easy to open it, when the added protection of the zipper is not needed. Bert, you hit a home run with this product!


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