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OD or Military Green is a very popular fall color. Many hikers,  like how well it blends with the natural fall thru spring outdoor colorings. Small game hunters and any man who likes to feel like an outdoors man are comfortable in this shade. OD is as classic to woodlands as Yellow is to marine.
Cagney is the same as the KNOX regular length jacket except 3" shorter and slightly slimmer.
The Clay is unlined version same fit and length as the KNOX

Made in the USA

If you like a shorter more active kind of jacket you will like the Cagney 

Medium measures 30.5” 3" they are shorter than our traditional 33" Classic Fit Jackets

Windproof and Water Repellent 

100% tightly woven cotton 

Brushed twill lining 

Front zip with snap front closures

Deployable hood with adjustable cinch 

Adjustable snap sleeve latches  



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